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What is the difference in Preschool and PreK Curriculum in Stride Academy?

When you are selecting specific skills to assign for your students in the Teacher Control Panel, you may notice options for Preschool (PreS) and PreKindergarten (PreK). So what's the difference?


Preschool:  The PreS curriculum is built for the typical 3-5 year old program like Head Start or the PreK program in an elementary school (usually 4 years olds turning 5).  These are the basic foundational skills a preschooler needs to master. The questions are aligned to preschool standards and have only 3 answer choices (instead of 4, like other grade levels in Stride Academy). 


PreK:  The PreK curriculum is intended for students in Kindergarten who are in need of remediation. The PreK content gives Kindergarteners who are struggling with Kindergarten curriculum a place to "STRIDE down" (or scaffold down) when they are working in the Stride Adaptive Engine and are struggling to master grade-level skills. The PreK curriculum is aligned to more of a Common Core PreK alignment.


Both PreKindergarten and Kindergarten teachers should consider selecting the PreK curriculum for their students in Stride Academy. A PreKindergarten teacher should also consider assigning the Preschool curriculum for their students before assigning the PreK curriculum. Preschool curriculum is more suitable for the beginning to mid-year of a PreK program. Once the PreK class finishes the Preschool questions, the teacher can then assign the PreK curriculum to give more practice and review, while also preparing them more for the transition to Kindergarten.


Remember, Preschool and PreKindergarten curriculum can be assigned in the Teacher Control Panel by selecting specific skills for students. 

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