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What are Gap Assessments?

The Gap Assessments are intended to measure progress between the beginning, middle and end of a school year or summer program. Stride Academy current offers three Gap Assessments in mathematics and reading for each grade level in PreK through Grade 8. 

The three Gap Assessments per grade level are designated:

Early term (prior grade level)
Mid term (current grade level) and
Late term (current grade level)

The Early term Gap Assessment is suitable for the beginning of a school year, when a teacher might want to assess the student or class on skills they should have mastered in the previous grade level. This early term assessment helps a teacher to understand where each student stands on skill sets as he/she enters the new grade level for the new school year. 

The Mid term Gap Assessment is suitable for a mid-year assessment, to see how well students are mastering current grade level skills, or where they may need extra help. The Late term Gap Assessment is suitable for a later-year assessment to measure progress from the Mid term assessment, and it is also good preparation before Spring high stakes testing. The Mid term and Late term Gap Assessments are strictly parallel to ensure that the measure of growth between tests is based on similar, but novel, content. 

Teachers have the flexibility to administer a Gap Assessment when the timing is right for their classes and their students. Many teachers prefer to begin the school year with the Mid term Gap assessment because it tests the student at the current grade level, instead of using the Early term assessment to test on the previous grade level skills. Many Boys & Girls Clubs and Summer Programs prefer to administer the Mid term assessment at the beginning of the Summer, and then the Late term assessment at the end of Summer, in order to measure Summer Learning.

There are many ways to administer the Gap Assessments to achieve your class or organization's specific goals. Contact an LTS Outcomes Advisor at or 866.552.9192 to talk through the best way to administer Gap Assessments for your students. 

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