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What are the Progress Monitoring Assessments?

Progress Monitoring Assessments include four formative assessments per grade level, designed to be administered periodically throughout the school year. These Progress Monitoring Assessments (or "PMAs") provide an integrated system to monitor student growth over each school year. This system will help educators diagnose students' skill gaps, provide differentiated intervention, continuously monitor progress, and modify classroom instruction accordingly in order to maximize student attainment. 


PMAs are available for grades K-8 in math and reading, and grades 3-8 in Science. Because the four assessments for each grade level are parallel (equivalent), the percent correct can be used to monitor progress or growth, and deliver a longitudinal look at students' learning paths. 


Testing Schedule: 

  • Form 1: 9/1/15 – 10/9/15
  • Form 2: 11/2/15 – 12/5/15
  • Form 3: 1/11/16 – 2/5/16
  • Form 4: 3/7/16 – 4/1/16

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