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How can I use Chrome or Firefox at my school?

While the crisis of XP and IE are imminent for many organizations, there are some alternatives if you have no choice but to stick it out with your legacy software. If you are a network admin, or a teacher who wants to free themselves from the tyranny of a 20th century internet experience, here are some tools and pointers that the geeks at LTS Education have put together that will make your future a lot brighter. There have been a lot of powerful innovations recently, especially by Google, to bring modern, flexible browsers to the classroom:

Chrome for classrooms - this initiative for classrooms brings you a standalone MSI installer with admin tools that will knock your socks off. With a little tweaking, there is no reason why you can’t lock down Chrome securely. If you are running Macs and Windows, this might be the solution you are looking for.

Firefox Installer For Stride Academy – We have put together a custom Windows installer for Firefox that 100% locks the browser into our Stride Academy application, effectively making Firefox a Stride Academy portal. Check out the article for this to download and try it out.

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