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My students have completed all of their assigned questions. What should I do?

Your students may receive a message that they have completed all of their assigned questions, and should ask their teacher to assign more work. What should you do?


This automated message will come up if students have been assigned skills to work on in the program (by the teacher) and have completed their assignments.  The teacher can edit the students' assigned curriculum, so they can begin answering more questions. Here's how:


-          First, log into your Teacher Control Panel.


-          Select “Curriculum”


-          To make changes for the entire class, select the radio button “The entire class”


-          There are three options- select “Stride Adaptive Engine” if you’d like the adaptive engine to be active, select “Begin and remain at grade level” if you’d like the students to stay on grade level content only, or if you have only certain skills you would like a student or the class to work on, you can select the third option and select skills.


-          Click “Set All Students to the Class Default” if you want this change to be for all students.


-          If you would like to make a change to an individual student, select the radio button for “This Individual Student” and uncheck “use class settings for this student.”


-          Select from the 3 options for question delivery.  Do not click “set all students to the class default”.

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