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One of my students has run out of questions. How can I get more questions for this student?

On the teacher site, click the "Curriculum" tab.  Check the bubble for "this individual student" under "I want to change the curriculum for." Click the name of the student who has run out of questions. Under "I want the student to work on," make sure that the subject boxes you desire are checked. Under "Student Question Mode" if the last bubble is checked "Include only the specific skill areas that I choose. This will disable the F.A.S.T. 360 Adaptive Engine™," your student will run out of questions after they have completed the assigned skills. You will either need to add more skills for this student or set your student back to the F.A.S.T. 360 Adaptive Engine by clicking the first bubble. 

Tags: questions, skills, Stride Adaptive Engine

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